Montclair Painting Services in New Jersey

At Montclair Roofing & Contracting, we provide exceptional  painting services for our clients throughout Montclair, New Jersey. The quality of your exterior paint greatly affects its value. Repairing your property to the highest standards is what we do best. We use the best quality paint from the world’s leading paint providers namely, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints, to ensure our customers get a long-lasting result. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can confidently choose our team for your exterior painting needs.

Transform your house with us!

We can perform all the minor or major works that can transform any space into an ideal environment for your lives, in Montclair NJ. With experience in oil painting, with specialization in painting the house, walls and epoxy floor painting, with the knowledge and skills required by each style, but also with special services such as pressed cement mortar, roof insulation and thermal facades, we are at your disposal to change for the better your home, cottage, office or shop.

We can undertake any type of painting projects in New Jersey such as Victorian home painting or interior painting of your living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. We also can restore the exterior of your house and put fresh coat of paint on it!

Why do you need to paint the interior of your house?

Painting is the first thing you want to do when you, want to get a fresh new start in your house or business. Painting has its own benefits as a part from the new look you’re going to give to your walls and your space, it’s better for your health as it cleans the walls and gets rid of any dust particles or dirt.

You will want to get a fresh coat of paint in your house every two years because it really helps bring back joy to your walls and it is great for your health as we have mentioned before. Of course, it really depends on you and on your schedule because it is great to paint your house every year if you wish to. As far as the outer walls and the outer space of your house or a business is concerned, you should paint it every five years or so.

You need to choose a painting contracting group of professionals that pay attention to detail, such as Montclair Roofing and Contracting. We will for sure meet your expectations and make your house closer to the vision of your dream house.

Painting your house exterior with Montclair Roofing and Contracting

The exterior of your house is more vulnerable because it is exposed to the weather conditions, so the frequency of the painting job really depends on the damage of the exterior at your house. As soon as you start to notice paint chipping, cracks, mold or anything suspicious on your walls, you will need to call Montclair Roofing Contracting services to book an appointment with us. Do not let your walls become moldy or stripped off of the paint as afterwords the painting job will require more time and effort.


Professional Exterior Painting Services

Painting the exterior of your home or business involves more than just a paint brush and a can of paint. Preparation, technique, and skill make a dramatic difference in the outcome of any paint job. Our professional contractors use the industry’s leading techniques to provide clean cut-ins and an attractive finish. We also protect your property throughout the process. Our crew brings all the necessary equipment, including parts and clean up supplies, to keep your home clean and paint-free.

Apart from our careful application of colour, we also pay a lot of attention to already made work, such as roofs, windows and doors, insulation, pipes etc.

Why choose us for your painting project?

First of all we are a family owned business and we tend to develop interpersonal relationships with our clients. We care about your ideas and vision concerning your house so this is why we will sit and discuss before moving on to the interior and exterior painting of your house.

Secondly,we offer high quality services all over Montclair NJ. We are not just offer painting work, but we have professionals who can undertake carpentry, painting contracting, roofing and bathroom and kitchen remodelling. Choose what service you would like to have in your house and let us come and transform your house!

We have broad working hours and we always pay attention to details so do not stall and giver us a call to book your appointment!


Painting Support from Start to Finish

Our thorough process starts with helping you select the right exterior paint color for your home. We’ll help you match the rest of your exterior finishes while selecting a color that makes sense for longevity. We also prepare your property with pressure washing and additional services. Simply contact us to learn more about our preparatory process and how we can help make your exterior paint project hassle and stress-free.

4 Reasons to Choose Montclair Roofing & Contracting for Your Painting Needs

1. Hassle-Free: Our team of professional painters reduces your time investment by managing your painting project from start to finish. From helping you pick out your chosen paint colour to cleaning up your property once the paint job is done, we do it all.

2. Affordably Priced Painting: We pride ourselves on offering fairly priced services, including our exterior painting services. We recommend the best paint as well to ensure that the results of our work are long lasting. You can confidently choose us for affordable, yet professional, painting results.

3. Commercial Painting: If you need industrial painting for your business, we can help there too. Our  painting services are available for a variety of sized properties, so do not hesitate to call us for larger painting projects. Our team will happily discuss your needs and walk you through our process for commercial painting services.

4. Customer Service: Your experience with our team is our top priority. We are committed to delivering a superior experience when you choose our painting services. Quality, communication, and care for your property are our focus when you make us your local carpentry company. You can trust us for reliable service and communication for your next project.


Reliable Painting Company in Montclair, NJ

When you want a quality exterior paint job for your home or business, Montclair Roofing & Contracting is the company to call. We’re local, we have excellent reviews, and are affordably priced. Choose us for the best materials for your project and a superior outcome.

Trust our expert teams for your house renovation,roofing installation, carpentry services, painting, interior painting and many more!

Contact Montclair Roofing Contracting for Painting projects

If you are planning to paint your house and you are looking for the best deal and best contracting company then we are what you are looking for! Montclair Roofing Contracting is a company consisted of experiences technicians who can complete any painting job in New Jersey.

Feel free to contact our headquarters and book an appointment with our team. You can consult them for your house, apartment or business hall painting. You will be surprised with the results of Montclair Roofing Contracting company for sure!

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