Roofing Repairs

Leaky roofs can cause serious damage and expensive replacements. In Montclair Roofing & Contracting, we can prevent minor issues from turning into big problems, with roofing repairs and inspections services.

This, on par with the usage of inadequate materials for the roofs or minor damages, can be a cause for a slew of leaking-related problems. We’ve been working in the business of roofing for more than a decade, so we’ve got all the know-how of how to ensure your home’s roof is safe and dry!

Generally, in order to be fully protected from either damaging weather extremes, leaking or any other roof related problems, your home needs a top quality roof. We can provide your home with security through our excellent choice of the roofing materials that we use.

Residential Roofing services by Montclair Roofing & Contracting

Our company is in the field of roofing for many years, therefore our experience is advanced. We can undertake any project that concerns your roof. Indicatively, some of our services concerning house roofs are the following:

  • Roof Repair
  • Flat Roof Installation
  • Roof Inspections & regular maintenance checkups
  • Shingles & tiles Installation & repair
  • Protective Roof Coating Installation
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Why repair your roof as soon as possible?

The correct and timeless solution for the repair of your roof requires the assignment of the project to a specialist with experience and professionalism in order to take the right steps that will give a final solution to the problem. This professional team is the one by Montclair Roofing & Contracting.

It is necessary to install the appropriate layer of thermal insulation depending on the materials and the design of your roof, so that there are no leakage problems or insufficient insulation. In some cases it is necessary to completely renovate the roof by removing tiles, membranes, etc. and completely replacing the existing thermal insulation. If the roof is not repaired properly, the first signs of lack of thermal insulation or leaks will be noticed in a short time.

In case your roof is sufficiently insulated and its insulation needs to be strengthened, then it is not necessary to make repairs, but the process of strengthening the insulation can simply be carried out from inside the roof.


Additional reasons to repair your roof:

  1. It could add to your resale value. Believe it or not, people nowadays need to trust their home build. Weaker home builds do not guarantee safety so people who are looking to buy a house for their family need to know that the roof is sturdy.
  2.  H equals better life quality. And good insulated roof will 90 that the heat of your house will stay in your house so no more enormous bills of electricity. You will also have a warm house during winter as the heat will not be able to escape your house through the roof!

Reasons why a roof can collapse

There are many reasons why a house roof could collapse. Unfortunately, when you have collapsed creating a lot of damage to the house and sometimes to the family that was staying in there. In order to avoid accidents caused by you and keep your family safe there are some guidelines that our company follows when constructing or repairing a roof.

External damage

Over time, most of the buildings in the settlement have suffered a lot of damage and deterioration. Many are in fact ruins and others are completely unsuitable for use due to extensive damage. These faults can be classified according to the part of the building they appear.

Most of the roofs that collapse are distinguished as traditional. The most roofs that collapse are quite old, while others have undergone various operations using other materials, such as metal, in order to withstand the test of time.

Poor roof construction

When roofing construction or roofing repairs are not done properly, they tend to collapse. Many wooden balconies can also be damaged or collapse. The buildings can also suffered a lot of damage internally, mainly the wooden floors, the ceilings and the plaster of the walls. These damages are due to the inflow of moisture from the roof due to abandonment and non-maintenance of the buildings.

In many cases the solution is to rebuild them from reinforced concrete or metal or, more rarely, they need to be rebuilt from wood.

Natural disasters

There are some regions that are affected by earthquakes, hurricanes and strong winds that can really damage your house and roof. Sometimes the damage is inevitable but a strong construction can prevent accidents and disasters that can be caused by a collapsing roof.

Trust the experts at Roofing Services

In Montclair Roofing & Contracting, we are giving 100% of ourselves, just to make sure that everything we do is perfect. We are constantly dealing with important contracting work such as constructing a roof or repairing one. Our team will design and perform the whole roof construction project from start to finish.

You can contact us and come to our headquarters in Montclair, New Jersey and discuss your vision about your roofing repair. After the first communication we will work on the drafts and get back to you with the final design. Roofing repairs are a time consuming project and we will be there with you from start to finish.

Contact Montclair Roofing & Contracting for roof repair

When you are dealing with issues with your roofing, you need to call Montclair Roofing & Contracting and book your appointment with us. We undertake any project concerning roofing repairs, roofing construction, carpentry and more. Your house roof will be as good as new when we are done with your roofing repair project. Trust the experts of our team and you will not regret it.

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