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Do you know that feeling when you see a freshly painted house?Bloomfield painting services by Montclair roofing and contracting are able to help you feel this again, by painting the inside and the outside of your house. A house that is freshly painted, is in a good condition, looks like it is new and it is basically revived.

Everybody knows that houses should be painted every now and then both and the inside and the outside as they need to look good. If you’re planning on selling or renting your house then you definitely need to paint it so that it looks good and approachable to the buyers or renters.

Why choose Montclair Roofing and Contracting for your house painting?

When you have decided to have your house painted either on the inside or on the outside, the first thing you need to decide, is the company that will undertake your project. You need to be very careful during this step, as this job is meticulous and needs experienced hands and personnel to undertake it. There is no room for mistakes as some painting crews tend to leave marks, dirt and dust in your walls after they are done and there’s nothing you can do rather than paint over it.

If you do not like to have your house repainted and spent a lot of time and money on it, then you need to trust the experts in painting. Bloomfield painting services by Montclair roofing and contracting are the best services that you can have. We are a professional company that has been working on the area of contracting in painting since the 1980s. Our company is located in Montclair NJ and we are servicing other regions like Bloomfield NJ, Glen Ridge and Verona.

Choose the professional painting contractors in New Jersey and get yourself free estimates of your house when you book your appointment with us.


Detailed painting services that we offer

When you decide to book an appointment with our company then you need to know what our detail painting services are. First of all, we can paint all of your house or segments of it. It really depends on you and your needs and of course the current state of the house. When we come to offer free estimates, we tend to discuss with you the options that you have and we have to offer our professional opinion depending on the situation of the house and of course your needs.

Interior painting in Bloomfield NJ

Due to the fact that in Bloomfield NJ, the winter is pretty harsh and the temperature tends to drop below 0, we would suggest to have your house painted during the summer months. Why? Because when we are applying the layers of color on your walls, it needs to dry properly for at least 24 hours, sometimes even more than that.

For the color to cure properly, we need to leave the rooms to dry while they are properly ventilated. The sunlight also helps the drying process of the paint. So you can imagine that this cannot happen during winter as the windows need to be open for several hours.

Exterior painting in Bloomfield NJ

Your house is exterior needs to be painted too, but not that often. The exterior of your house should be stronger than the interior and the reason why it needs to be painted less often is because the only way that it can be just what is the weather conditions.

Bloomfield painting will transform the exterior of your house and make it look like a brand new one! Trust the best painting contractors in Bloomfield NJ and see your house be as good as new!


When and why does your house need to be painted?

If you have decided to book your painting work with us, we would suggest that you have both interior and exterior walls painted at once. That is because you are going to go through some “rough” days because you need to be away from the rooms that are getting painted. The colours and pains that we are using are non-toxic and they do not smell but still it is better for you to be away so that the house is properly ventilated and the colours are left to dry on their own.

It is good to have your house interior painted every two to three years. Of course this depends on your needs and schedule, as well as the lifestyle you are having. For example in houses of smokers, a paint job is required every year so that the walls are properly cleaned and refreshed and so that you have a healthier house environment. Montclair Roofing and Contracting will take care of everything and you will come home to a fresh and clean house!

How to contact Montclair Roofing and Contracting

I’ve decided to choose Montclair roofing and contracting for your painting of the exterior or interior of your house then here are the ways that you can contact us. There is the option of giving us a call and talking with our experts about your plan and exactly what she needs about your paint job.

Otherwise, you can get a quote or come directly to our offices in Montclair New Jersey after you book your appointment. Finally, you can also request free estimates for your houses condition before we move onto your painting plan.

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