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Montclair Roofing & Contracting delivers friendly and professional residential roofing services throughout Montclair NJ and the surrounding areas. When your roof needs replaced or repaired, you need a team of experts on your side—we are that team.

As a top rated residential roofing company, we are dedicated to not only doing the best job for your property, but we also treat you like family. Our approach is to perform your roofing installation to the same standards we have for our own homes. Our warranties and personalized service make us an easy choice for your residential roofing company needs. Trust the Best Residential Roofing Company in Montclair NJ .

What services do we offer for your residential roofing installation or repair?

As the best residential roofing company in Montclair, we focus on delivering exceptional service through:

  • Free Estimates for Roofing Services
  • Professional Client Service (Access to our Team 24/7)
  • The Best Roofing Warranty in New Jersey
  • Quality Construction & Materials

Residential Roofing Services

Stop searching for the best roofers near you and choose our experienced and professional team for your home’s residential roof installation. Our residential roofing services include new roof installations, roof replacements, and roofing repairs. We are also affordably priced and customize our services to fit your needs.

Additionally, we provide flat roof residential installations for homeowners looking for a more modern look or who have a uniquely designed home. We’re committed to doing what it takes to give you the highest quality roof possible. From addressing your questions to creating a strategic approach for your roofing needs, you can confidently choose us to be your go-to residential roofing company in Montclair NJ.

Residential Roofing Installation

Our residential roofing installation services are designed to support a variety of roofing materials, building types, and reason for the installation. Whether you want to add a new roof to an addition to your home or if you’re looking for a replacement installation for your roof, our roofing company is here to help.

What cover materials will you choose? There is a wide variety of coverage methods that vary in price and features. You can choose between asphalt tiles, Swedish, Roman, Byzantine, panel or metal. We will advise you to choose a material according to your house type and of course the safest for your house and family.

Residential Roof Replacement

Replacing your existing roof is another service we happily provide. We make sure your roof replacement meets your expectations by using premium materials and precision roofing techniques.

How much does it cost to install a new roof?

Roofs perform such an essential function that “put a roof over your head” is synonymous with any sense of shelter. When it comes to maintaining your house as an investment, the smartest way to spend money could be for your roof. It is important to note that the cost of a roof depends on many factors such as:

  • The size of the roof.
  • The slope of the roof.
  • The type of installation.
  • The materials that will be used.
  • The number of levels.
  • The existence of skylights, chimneys, plumbing pipes, etc.

One of our best advice that we can give our clients is to not be afraid to spend money on your roof construction. You can of course stay at a reasonable final price but do not cut money off materials, workers or insulation You will probably regret it later and need some more maintenance.

Reliable Customer Service

Having a new roof installed for your home can be overwhelming, especially as a residential homeowner. You likely have a list of questions you’d like answered before you can move forward confidently.

That’s where we can help. Our team of professional roofers is more than just contractors. They are customer service experts. We keep you in the know from the moment we provide you with a free roof estimate to the time the job is done. Our residential clients enjoy peace of mind and confidence when they choose our services. We look forward to working on your home in Montclair NJ or in the surrounding areas.

How to contact Montclair Roofing and Contracting

If you wish to contact Montclair Roofing and Contracting for your next roofing project, then there are a couple of ways you can do it. First of all, you are always welcome at out offices in Montclair New Jersey. Next, another way to contact us is to get a quote from our webpage. And lastly, you can give us a call to discuss what service you are interested into so that we can guide you through the process and our costs.

Thank you for choosing our company and we are looking forward to working with you on your next residential roofing installation!

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