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Every now and then we need to have some changes in our lives and our houses in order to feel refreshed. In Montclair roofing and contracting we know how important bathroom remodelling and generally speaking home remodelling is, as it helps us live in a house that expresses our style and character. Follow us in our journey of home remodelling, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, carpentry and more services that we have to offer.

Why choose Montclair Roofing and Contracting for your bathroom remodelling?

By now, you might be wondering why would you choose our company, Montclair Roofing and Contracting to perform your bathroom remodelling. It is a fair question, as there is a big number of other contractors. Our company though, can stand out as we are offering great services in Bloomfield NJ.

If you are located in New Jersey, you can enjoy our services which are not only about bathroom remodelling. We are offering general home improvement services such as carpentry, hardscaping, kitchen bath remodelling and many more. We are a family owned business who really cares about your ideas and your vision about your house and we will help you build a house of your dreams if you let us consult you.

Our home services will for sure let you content with the results, as they did with our previous customers whose testimonies you can read in our website. Take a look at our photographs because most of them are from recent remodelling that we have done in houses around the area of Bloomfield NJ.

What can we offer you for bathroom remodelling in Bloomfield NJ?

When our team undertakes a bathroom remodel project, everything happens in the right order and pace. First of all, you need to sit and discuss about your vision about the new bathroom and let us know more about your ideas. Then we will create a draft with everything you need and see what is and what is not possible. We tend to find solutions or alternatives for small or bigger issues that might come up.

After the draft is done and we visit your house, we can start with the bath remodelling procedure. There are several steps that can be followed as well as specific materials that our company Montclair Roofing and Contracting uses in New Jersey.

Detailed services for bathroom remodelling in Bloomfield NJ

Down below, you can see the steps that we are taking when you call us to remodel your bathroom. We try to take you through a step by step analysis of our bathroom remodelling procedure so that you can see for yourself that we are the best general contractor company in New Jersey.

Dismantling of tiles and or sanitary ware

Before we start any procedures, we need to make sure that your bat remodelling will be successful. For that to happen, we need to dismantle any older tiles and maybe flooring if you choose to have all of your tiles removed.

After the tiles, we also need to remove all of the old sanitary ware that is still in the bathroom. Toilet bowl, sinks, bath tubs or shower glass doors and any other equipment has to go so that we can freely work on the attachment of the new ones. This is also a good time to add a window if your bathroom does not already have one.


Plasterboard constructions

Montclair Roofing and Contracting,can also undertake the installation and construction of plasterboard. Plasterboard can be used to hide an ugly feature of your bathroom or be used to create depth or other designs to the space. Another great use of plasterboard is to add lighting that is hidden and creates a subtle and warm light in your bathroom.

Electrical Works

Apart from the tiles and plumbing work that a bathroom requires in order to be remodelled we also need to check your electric system. This includes the wires behind your mirrors for other furniture as well as the sockets. This is a good time to let us know if you need another socket in your bathroom so that we can arrange its installation.

The electrical works also include a general check at your water heater and your hot water system in general. We are currently collaborating with leading companies in the field of electrical works so that we can reassure you about the effectiveness of our remodel.

Plum bong installation check

As we have mentioned before, we are collaborating with leading companies in the field of plumbing and electrical works. When we are remodelling your bathroom, we need to check the plumbing systems as well because most of the problems come from there.

Especially if your bathroom is older than 20 years then it is mostly certain that your pipes and other plumbing system might need to be replaced.  Our partners are inspecting your plumbing system while we are working on other things in your bathroom and if we need to replace something they will totally undertake the project.

New Tiles on walls and floor

Let’s face it, the number one reason that most of the families need to change their old bathroom is the tiles. Houses and apartments that have been built in the 1990’s and 2000’s tend do you have old fashioned tiles in the walls and flooring of the bathrooms. This is a very important component as we need to get into our bathroom to relax and not be stressed let alone be distracted by the old patterns on the walls.

Bloomfield NJ bathroom remodelling

Your master bathroom should be the place where you relax and spend some time in order to get ready to go to your job or to get out and have some fun. As it is a place that you tend to spend lots of hours in, you need to make sure that this space is capable of offering you the peace that you need during a busy day.

This is why in Montclair Roofing and Contracting, we offer great prices and packages for kitchen and bathroom remodelling so that you can have these two rooms remodelled as often as you like. It is true that you might need to refresh your space quite often, for example every five years so that you feel good and that your style is expressed in your house decor.


Why and when do you need to have a bathroom remodel in Bloomfield NJ?

A bathroom remodelling is needed in certain cases that we are going to talk about right below. It simply happens when your house is quite old and your plumbing systems start to fail and create issues. These issues might be pipe bursts, leaking, mold and humidity inside or behind bathroom furniture, etc. When you are starting to have issues like these, you know that it is time to change your bathroom plumbing system as soon as possible.

Bathroom painting in Bloomfield NJ

Apart from all the work that we have mentioned before regarding the tiles, sanitary ware and of course plumbing corrections, we need to talk about the bathroom painting too. Some people prefer to cover their bathrooms in tiles and leave only the ceiling uncovered to be painted.

There is also the option of covering your shower area and sink with tiles and leaving the rest of the walls “free” to be painted. In this option, we would suggest you to choose some subtle colours such as earth tones, off-whites, greys etc. This way you will create a space that is meant to help you relax.

Contact Montclair Roofing and Contracting in Bloomfield NJ

If you wish to have your bathroom remodelled then you need to contact the best contracting company in Bloomfield NJ! Montclair Roofing and Contracting will undertake the bathroom remodelling of your house and transform your space right after your vision!

As long as you are located in Bloomfield NJ, you can contact us via our contact form and request a quote or call us today and book an appointment through our customer service to talk to our experts about your goals for your house.

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