Verona Bathroom Remodelling

Does your bathroom call for a change? Verona Bathroom Remodelling services is what you need! Old bathrooms tend to show some signs of wear after a long time of use. This means that you will either start replacing some sanity ware one at a time or perform a full bathroom renovation.

In Montclair Roofing and Contracting, we always highly recommend to start your home remodelling by renovating you  kitchen and bathroom at the same time. Why you may ask? Because these are the two rooms in every house that people tend to spend a lot of time in. S o follow us in our journey and let us guide you through our process of home remodelling.

Why choose Montclair Roofing and Contracting for your Bathroom Remodelling

A remodelling contractor needs to have a few characteristics in order to be good at their work. If you are located in Verona NJ then you need to choose our company for your bathroom remodelling or generally your home remodelling.

Either you want to renovate your main bathroom or your guest bathroom or all of them, you should trust a company with experience in the area of home renovations. Experience is the number one criterion when choosing a contracting company. You do not want to end up with mistakes in your house due to lack of previous experience!

Our remodelling contractor team at Montclair Roofing and Contracting in Verona NJ, can offer you a great deal of top quality services concerning your kitchen and bathroom remodelling. Our professionalism is our top priority as well as the communication with our clients so that we can achieve the best result possible. You can also see the previous completed projects of other residents in Verona NJ if you decide to contact us and book an appointment.

What do we offer for your bathroom remodelling?

In your master bathroom our team can work wonders! The finished look of your bathroom depends on your personal sense of style and of course on the choice of materials and colours-which are also up to you. The only thing you need to do if you are located in Verona NJ, is to to have an idea of your ideal bathroom in your head and we will create your vision! For the bigger bathroom of your house, you should choose between a big bath tub or a walk in shower with a full shower door. This choice will for sure make it your favourite room in the whole house!

We are offering a variety of services and if you are in need of something extra then feel free to call us today and discuss our options concerning your thoughts. We are available through our customer service and we are happy to help you.

Detailed services for your bathroom remodelling

Montclair Roofing and Contracting offers you a variety of services for your bathroom remodel. You should also know that we can offer a great deal if you choose to have a new kitchen design or kitchen remodelling as well. You can see some of the bathroom remodelling services below:

Dismantling of old tiles and sanitary ware

When we are going to renovate a bathroom, the first thing we need to start with is the dismantling all of your old tiles. After that, we need to sand whatever is left from the previous plastering and then begin the process of applying the new ones. We can also talk about installing a new window if there isn’t any in your old bathroom.

Plasterboard constructions

Montclair Roofing and Contracting, can also undertake plaster board construction. And your bathroom you might need to separate us space or simply lifting up or toning down your ceiling. We can also create a Hidden lighting compartment which will give a luxurious tone to your bathroom. It is completely up to you and if you need some help with that bathroom design we are always here to help you.

Electrical Works

Furthermore, when we undertake a bathroom remodelling project, we need to check the electrical work that has been previously done. This is the space where you need some sockets, so if you want any new ones you need to let us know and we will proceed to their installation. We will also check your heater and if it needs to be replaced we will let you know so that you will always have hot water in your bathroom.

Another very important thing that we can also work on together is installing a solar hot water system. We are not experts in the solar panel field, but we have collaborations with many important and leading companies in that area.

Hydraulic installation check

Apart from the electric work, the plumbing system is the number one component of a bathroom remodelling. We will have our partners check your systems and make sure that everything is working properly. In case you need to change your old plumbing systems that can also be arranged.

Our partners are experienced workers who can undertake even the most difficult projects and they help us complete your new bathroom in no time!


New Tiles on walls and floor

Now let’s talk about tiles and floors. The first thing that someone sees when they enter your bathroom is the colours and of course the tiles. You will need to choose a neutral colour or another colour that you really love and that will transform your bathroom in modern or classic bathroom according to your own sense of style.

We are offering a great variety of colours, tiles, and floor materials. We will help you choose the one that really suits your bathroom if you are having any trouble choosing between all of these choices and we will of course guide you through our old projects so that you can be inspired.

Why is your bathroom in need of remodelling?

To be honest, there is not a right or wrong time to have your bathroom remodelled. It is a choice that you make when you are tired of your old and conservative bathroom because you tend to spend a lot of time at home. It could also be due to some issues that have appeared in your bathroom such as plumbing issues or problems with your sanitary ware.

The older our house gets the more the problems tend to get. When you have lived in a house for 20 years or more than that you know that something cannot be inevitable or unbroken. So maybe it is time to get rid of those old bathroom tiles and get some fresh and modern ones in their place!

Verona Bathroom remodelling

If you are located in Verona NJ, then you know that a lot of houses in the neighbourhoods are very tasteful and have a specific style. If you are interested in transforming your house on the outside and on the inside then you need to consider calling our company. Among other things and services, we offer bathroom and kitchen remodelling services which will transform the interior of your house in a few days.

Our bathroom is a space in our house that we tend to relax and spend a lot of time when we are tired or when we simply want to have a routine. Because we’re spending so many hours in it, we need to have it all clean and tidied up. Sometimes though, this is not enough because we are simply tired of the old designs of the tiles or of the sanitary ware, or our bathroom has shown signs of wear which can not be fixed any more.

If you have reached that situation, you probably are ready to have your bathroom renovated. So you need to do 2 simple steps. Number one, you need to get inspiration and choose the colour palette of your new bathroom and number two, call us today at Montclair Roofing and Contracting and schedule an appointment to talk about your ideas. It is that simple!


Bathroom painting in Verona

Apart from the options in tiles that we mentioned above, there is also the option of painting in Verona Bathroom Remodelling. Some people prefer to have half of their walls covered in tiles and the other half painted. If you are one of these people then we can discuss about the numerous colour options that we can offer you!

You could either choose neutral colours such as off white, creme, beige, light grey or you can go with bolder colours such as mauve, sage, mustard or blue. The choice is yours -no matter what we will highly recommend-  and it always depends on your sense of character and the whole style of your house.

Contact us for the best remodelling project that you will ever have in your house! Trust the process of bathroom and kitchen remodelling from the professionals in Montclair Roofing and Contracting in New Jersey!

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