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Verona painting have been painting houses and restoring homes in the area of New Jersey for almost 30 years. Our company’s goal is our customer’s satisfaction. We, at Montclair Roofing & Contracting can discuss and estimate your expectations for your home interior and exterior painting renovation, for free! All our customers call us, “the Wizard of home renovation“.

We are giving absolute attention to the preparation of the home painting as well as to the painting procedure. This is because a good painting job needs attention to the details. Our company is not going to give you a perfect looking painting job that is going to fall apart after the first rain as most painting companies do. At Verona painting we take our work very seriously.

Painting a house internally


Painting a house can be a very stressful process, but it is a very effective way to renew your space. If you are thinking of doing the oil painting yourself, to reduce the potential cost, you should know that the secret of Verona painting is experience.

The painting is done much faster and with absolute success, when undertaken by the experts Montclair Roofing and Contracting. Especially in case you want to apply a style, instead of just painting the wall or when you want to paint your shop or other workplace, the professional painter can guarantee you the highest quality result.

The craftsmen of our platform are at your daily disposal in the area of Verona New Jersey, to supply you with all the necessary materials and to undertake the work you need. But even if you only need tips and ideas, the portfolio we have prepared will inspire you and answer your questions!

What factors affect the prices of painting?

Prices for house painting are based on specific factors:

  • the square footage
  • the condition of the walls
  • the cost of the materials
  • the painting styles

Below, you will learn more about each factor separately.

1. Square meters of surface for painting

The main factor that will determine the cost of the project is the square footage of the surface to be covered with paint. Professionals know that this area is about 3.5 times larger than the square meters of space. So for a room of 10 sq.m. will need to be painted about 35 sq.m. wall.

2. Condition of the walls

Depending on how good the condition of the walls of your house is at the moment, it also depends on how much work the painter will need to do. Oil Verona painting on walls that are in good condition, require only 1-2 coats of paint.

Conversely, in case you need to paint a wall with moisture or cracks, the work will be more demanding and therefore the price will increase.

3. Cost of Materials

You can choose products from a huge range of paint brands, but also specific paint product codes. In addition to colour, paint companies offer a wide range of product choices in terms of colour, quality and properties.

For example, you can choose ecological colours, anti-fungal or hypoallergenic, depending on your needs. There is also a wide variety of materials such as primers and trowels to choose from.

4. Verona Painting Styles

The styles are usually done on a small surface, in order to acquire a special aesthetics. There are oil painters who can create a variety of styles, from stencils to wood imitation.

The cost is definitely higher than the classic painting, but the result will definitely be unique.

Exterior wall Verona painting


Painting the exterior walls of the house is an investment for the property, as it is a very important technical work for its renewal and maintenance that must be done every 5-10 years. With the external painting a property acquires proper aesthetics, high protection from sunshine and humidity but also durability over time.

Especially in US, where most days of the year we have rain, the painting of the exterior walls in a house or an apartment building is necessary and is necessary in order for the building to look beautiful and to be maintained in excellent condition.

Decoration, Building maintenance

Exterior Verona painting concerns all the exterior surfaces of our home or workplace, from the plastered or concrete facades of the property, balcony ceilings, wooden or metal protective railings, exterior wooden or metal doors, wooden pergolas, to the outer guardrails.

Each exterior surface requires the correct application with the appropriate products, in order to achieve the ideal result that will aim at the triptych:

  1. aesthetic superiority
  2. ideal finish
  3. duration in time!

Tips for Verona painting exterior walls

The “key” for an excellent quality exterior Verona painting is the good cleaning of the surface to be painted, in order to apply the paint on a clean wall.

Here are 4 basic tips to look for when selecting your wall paint:

1. Check if the plaster is hollow
2. Be careful to see if there are signs of moisture in the plaster
3. Check if the wall has inflated colours
4. Clean and properly prepare the surface to pass the first substrate with a suitable material

Repairing exterior wall before painting

You wonder what a two-story house with many corrosion problems on the surfaces of the exterior walls would need? Pre-treatment is done by insulating the irons and plastering in 3 stages.

  1. Before applying the paint, scrape and remove hollow plasters, peels of older paint to completely clean the wall.
  2.  If there is deep corrosion of the surface, then the removal of loose materials may expose the brick or iron bars. In this case, the damage is repaired and new plastering is done, before we proceed to the oil painting.
  3. If we do not have deep corrosion, but only cracks and shallow holes, then we plaster wherever there is damage. This is followed by sanding to remove debris from the stucco until we have a wall clean and free of dust and dirt.

Plastering primer exterior walls

After cleaning and when the surfaces are completely dry, apply the substrate (primer) that facilitates the application and ensures a uniform surface in the final colour. The substrate binds with the paint and seals the final paint.

After priming, the wall is ready to accept the colour of your choice. The choices of materials also play a very important role. We suggest you choose good quality paints that ensure good adhesion and penetration, high elasticity and resistance to alkaline surfaces, achieving very good bonding with the substrate.

Quality materials in exterior Verona painting

Outdoor paints are completely different from indoor paints. Each material on the facade and exterior walls also needs a different type of paint. In case there is wood, aluminium, plastic, or plaster, these building elements have their own type of paint and their own material for painting.

Verona painting also undertakes to solute any repairing or replacement you wish for the inside and outside home, such as carpentry, roofing, flooring and everything else you need. Our years of working experience in roofing and contracting and the right trained staff is a guarantee of successful work and satisfied customers.

Call for Verona painting experts, ask for a consultation which is free and let us transform your house along with you personal daily mood. Please take this opportunity to view our Portfolio. You will see all of the fine details we put into our work.

Why choose Verona painting?

Our company, Montclair Roofing and Contracting has the experience to redesign and restore the interior of a Victorian home.

Montclair Roofing services and Contracting provides residential roofing and commercial roofing throughout Montclair, NJ and the surrounding areas. Family owned and operated, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. You can trust us to modernizing a Victorian house Montclair.

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