Bathroom Remodelling

Montclair Roofing and Contracting offer you quality services bathroom remodelling. A bathroom remodel or renovation is a service that requires technical knowledge, a good budget, an the best staff among other things, in order to achieve the greatest bathroom design.

If you decide to do both a kitchen and a bathroom remodel, you can save a lot of money and time. Our speciality is to create a completely new atmosphere in both rooms! We have been remodelling rooms and renovating houses and coping with interior design in New Jersey and the nearby areas, including Montclair, since the early 80’s.

Why choose us for your bathroom remodelling?

We have a well-trained staff combined with our many years of experience, always achieve the best result for you. Our company is known for speed service, professionalism and achieving the best result, according to your needs and your aesthetic. Our satisfied customers is the greater proof of our work.

Montclair bathroom remodel services take over every work as a unique project. Our experienced staff studies every case they handle in your space with great care. With training, experience and always available, we are by your side in Montclair.

What services do we offer for bathroom remodelling?

After more than twenty years of ownership, an apartment certainly needs radical renovation, especially in the areas of the bathroom and the kitchen.

For correct and fast remodelling of rooms ask Montclair Roofing and Contracting to help.
With the valuable help of our big and branded suppliers and our excellent workshops, only in a few days, both the bathroom and the kitchen will be ready for use.

Our aim is to leave you satisfied with both the speed and the quality of our work in remodelling bathrooms.

Detailed bathroom renovation services:

  • Dismantling of all tiles and sanitary ware from the bathroom
  • Filling the floor for new leaks.
  • Dismantling of the radiator in the bathroom.
  • Installation of a completely new sewerage network (pipes in bathroom).
  • Installation of a completely new water supply network with multi layer pipe and water intake panel, for the bathroom.
  • Laying tiles in the bathroom of the customer’s choice.
  • Installation of a bathtub with safety glasses of the customer’s choice.
  • Sanitary ware and accessories installation.

Montclair bathroom remodelling

One area that needs special weight in terms of renovating and remodelling is the bathroom. Because it is the busiest space on a daily basis. The changes made in our bathroom, give us a sense of luxury and high end life. It completely changes the look and appearance of your property and automatically increases its value! The remodelling of the bathroom is determined by works of high standards and requirements.

Why should you get a bathroom remodelling?

Sometimes it is inevitable to hold on to your old bathroom, but enough is enough. The old bathrooms do not only feel and look out dated but they can show signs of wear and damage. Furthermore, an old bathroom equals an old plumbing system, and old plumbing systems tend to have issues such as leaks, pipe bursts and rust.

You do not need these types of damage in your house, so if your house is older than 20 years, you need to consider having some rooms remodelled. The first two rooms that need remodelling are the kitchen and the bathroom. You tend to spend lots of hours in these rooms and they are the first to show signs of wear.

So, if you wish to remodel your bathroom and you are located in New Jersey, give us a phone call in Montclair Roofing and Contracting and let us transform your bathroom!

Work that can be done in the bathroom remodelling:

In your new bathroom we can work wonders! The complete look of your master bathroom depends on your sense of style and choice of materials and colours. Just make sure to have a plan in your head and we will take care of the rest! Choose between a bath tub or walk in shower with a glass shower door for your master bathroom and make it the favourite room in your house!


Dismantling of tiles – sanitary ware

Proper dismantling of the tiles includes the removal of the old ones first. The plastering of the wall and then the installation of the new ones. In addition, it is good to change the window in the bathroom (if any) and the interior door, to give the appropriate uniformity to the space.

Plasterboard constructions

Montclair Roofing and Contracting, undertakes works for plasterboard constructions. For example, the construction of plasterboard for lighting the ceiling. This change can shape a completely new look of the bathroom and essentially gives a new “hue” to its modifications.

Electrical Works

It is necessary to check the electrical installations, in case it is necessary to re-install sockets, grounding, etc. It is also necessary to check the water heater and if necessary, re-install or re-change it. Regarding solar hot water systems, we collaborate with many leading companies in their field.

Hydraulic installation check

Our experienced partners will thoroughly carry out the inspection of the plumbing. If there is a need to change it, a new hydraulic installation will be made. We use a multi layer pipe of the most reputable companies.

The variety of companies that Montclair Roofing and Contracting cooperates with, gives you the possibility of the most correct quality choice for the absolute coverage of your needs!

New Tiles on walls and floor


The quality in the bathroom remodel and the whole bathroom design, depends on the correct choice of colours, their size as well as the way of installing the new tiles. In cases of renovation of your professional bathroom, we suggest, alternatively, the pressed cement mortar for a more special result.

Bathroom painting

Our experienced crews can create a truly wonderful result in terms of oil painting, various painting jobs and styles. In combination with the quality of ecological, anti-mold paints, they give the exact result you want!


Apart from being a place of relaxation and treatment, the bathroom is one of the most vital areas of our house. This is why proper bathroom remodelling and renovation, has multiple benefits:

We not only change the aesthetic upgrade of the bathroom remodelling. Our company achieves to change the whole house as the bathroom is one of its most basic and most useful spaces.

Maximizes the functionality and comfort of the bathroom. The correct and smart use of space, no matter how many square meters, leads to its successful remodelling. In addition to the elegant result, it improves the usability of all storage and non-storage spaces. This has the effect of improving the quality of life in your property.

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